3 decks of VGQ Grey brahman steers

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Listing Added Tue - 05 Oct 2021
Listing agent
Ashley Naclerio (13)
Mobile Number: 0400 448 679
Fax Number: (07) 47 413 577
Email: as..........show

Agent Comments

3 decks of very neat and tidy grey brahman steers. Steers are purchased out of the local Hughenden district from 3 producers. Predominately #1’s with a small percentage of #0’s through them.(#0’s and heavier steers in the mob mouthed and all had milk teeth) 100% weighed at assessment to average 256kg curfewed weight. 20hd between 160-220kg, 22hd over 300kg with the balance 220-300kg. Tidy heads with good temperament and education, handled through the yards with 2 adults and 3 kids with no issues at all, steers came through the race for assessing very well with only the odd steer pushing. 3 decks that present in a very tidy line of 1 x colour and similar frame and quality. Current ADG of 0.54kg over the past 2 months in a challenging season speaks volumes about their performance. All steers have had a 400 day HGP that will be active into 2022. Steers have had several repeat buyers in the past with very positive feedback.

Listing details

No. of Head 108
Breed Brahman
Stock Type Steers
Av. Weight (kg) 260
Weight Range (kg) 160-360
Price Type Auction Plus Sale
Auction+ date Fri - 08 Oct 2021
Delivery Method on property
Dentation 0
Age in Months 12-18
Horn Status: Polled 10%
Horn Status: Dehorned 90%
Pregnancy Status N/A
Movement Restriction nil
Condition Store
HGP Treated Yes




Listing Information

Advert ID: 21208
Displayed: 443
Expires: Wed - 05 Oct 2022


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