4 decks of PTE young cows

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Listing Added Wed - 29 Sep 2021
Listing agent
Ashley Naclerio (13)
Mobile Number: 0400 448 679
Fax Number: (07) 47 413 577
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Agent Comments

4 decks of young PTE cows ready to join to the bull of your choice! small percentage of #9 heifers that have not previously had a calf with the #8's and #7's all raising 1-2 calves previously. cows are in light store condition typical of 2nd round northern breeders and present with good moderate frame and no weight. predominately vendor bred out of a highly functional herd of cows based on CBV Brahman genetics with an emphasis on fertility, non vendor bred portion purchased with property and are of a similar quality and type with some charbray influence. 37 x #7's, 57 x #8's and 10 x #9's, a good tight age group of predominately 2nd and 3rd calf cows out of lighter country that should perform well on better nutrition. 16% Polled heads, 7% showing horn or tipped with 77% De-horned. 30% black and brindle, 32% grey, 38% Reds and honeys odd cow with a baldy face. Preg-tested by vendor 2 weeks prior to assessment and all cows in this consignment considered undetectable at point of pregtest.

Listing details

No. of Head 104
Breed Brahman
Stock Type Cows
Av. Weight (kg) 320
Weight Range (kg) 270-460
Price Type Auction Plus Sale
Auction+ date Fri - 01 Oct 2021
Delivery Method on property
Age In Years 4-5
Horn Status: Horned 5%
Horn Status: Polled 35%
Horn Status: Dehorned 60%
Pregnancy Status Preg Tested Empty (PTE)
Movement Restriction Ticky - 1 dip to clear
Condition Store
HGP Treated No


200km north of richmond

Listing Information

Advert ID: 21205
Displayed: 417
Expires: Thu - 29 Sep 2022


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